Dax – 40 Days 40 Nights ft. Nasty C

Dax – 40 Days 40 Nights ft. Nasty C

The award-winning Canadian-Nigerian rapper, Dax has released a new blistering track named “40 Days 40 Nights,” which features South African rapper Nasty C.

On this one, he asked for vocal assistance from the greatest South African raver of all time, Nasty C, who can dive on the rhythm and do it brilliantly. Nasty C did exactly what was expected by providing the song a wonderful singing and interesting lyrics. He is a wonderful artist with whom everyone would like to collaborate, and after hearing this song, we would like to see another collaboration between these two artists. So, the new song  “40 Days 40 Nights”.

Lexnour Beats produced the new rap song “40 Days 40.”


40 days, 40 nights, 40 tries to get it right

People see you shine 1st instincts to dim your light

People tried to crucify destroy me in the public eye

But I ain’t catching feelings ’cause I’m too busy catching flights

Bitch I got different goals

I’m the plug, I’m electric when I’m hitting the whole

I’m inspired by the greats I’m young enough to know who paved the way but old enough to see I’m paving the road

So get the fuck off my dick

My materials real not materialistic

I only listen to myself this other music’s toxic

My flow is so fucking dirty I’mma have to mop shit

And you ain’t fucking with my spirit unless you fly cockpit, stop it

I don’t give a fuck if I’m ever considered popping

The road less travelled is the one that I’m walking

Self made paid, let ’em hate fuck I don’t care

Skipped the escalator turned left, took the stairs


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