Did Dice Ailes think we would forget?

Last year , during the Black lives matter Era, Dice Ailes took to his Instagram to express how he felt about George Floyd’s death. Then an Instagram user, commented, telling him to post about the ones in Nigeria.

We cannot say, if out of anger or out of sincerity, Dice Ailes told the commenter , who is most likely Nigerian, to shut the fXck up , and asked him if he looks like a Nigerian.

Fast forward to three days ago , Spotify, a paid music streaming app, announced their availability in Nigeria, and just like many other artists , Dice Ailes rallied round his fans to subscribe to listening to him and in the course of that he called Nigeria his motherland.

But the internet never forgets! , People came ready for him , with receipts of what he said during the BLM era and it seems he’s in for it this time, there’s been a lot of back and forth on the matter , with Twitter for +234 threatening to cancel Dice Ailes . Will they come through with this threat or it’s just one of their many bluffs?


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