Erica Shuts Down Social Media

Erica shuts down social media
Erica shuts down social media

Yesterday March 13th was the birthday of BBN Super star Erica Nweledim.

Her fans really went far and beyond to pull this all together
Here’s the breakdown of what went down on her birthday
Kiddwaya did not wish her a happy birthday 🙃
Her fans got her a three bedroom fully furnished apartment!

She got a tricycle and $10000 worth of shares in Disneyland , US Airlines and Tesla
She hosted a Hollywood party and among the attendees are Mercy Eke

She really shut down the social media space because her fans went far and beyond
Then it goes beyond saying that BBN seems to be the channel o , but let’s not forget, there are many others that didn’t make it this much .. hmmm!

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