Is iPhone Trying To Copy Infinix?

Just like many smart phone companies
iPhone seems to be on the trend of releasing new series shortly after one has been released.
Yes you got that guess right, There will be an iPhone 13 with a release date we’re speculating to be Late March or early April.
And of course, there are many interesting new features on the iPhone 13.
First of all, the naming
The iPhone 13 will not be named iPhone 13 but instead the iPhone 12S , seems Apple is planning to bring back the S-naming series, We wonder why they skipped that on the iPhone 11 though.

Many iPhone 12 users will agree that the matte finish on the iPhone 12 is not very much grippable , so Apple of course worked very much on that. The matte back will be redefined to make it more “grippy” or in lay man terms , easy to hold.
The matte will be softer , suggesting a finish similar to that on the Pixel series.
But the overall external design will not be so different from the iPhone 12.

Apple introduced a new feature in this aspect
The screen will always be on display, the clock and battery charge will be visible always (except when switched off fully).
When notifications pop up on a “sleeping” screen. It will display how you’re used to but dimmed down and temporarily.
Apple is also working on reducing the notch size but in terms of height so you have a more flattened notch.

Apple has been working astrophotography so you might be able to capture aliens (kidding!)
But the iPhone 13 will be able to automatically focus on bodies like the Moon and the Stars
And you will not believe this.
The iPhone 13 will also have a portrait video!!!
You should get yours early so you can start to wow your friends with portrait videos because we’re predicting it will kickstart some biiig trend

Apple really listened to the complaints of their users this time, did they have a change of team?
There will also be a vapour cooling chamber so your problem of overheating will be definitely taken care of this time

Apple is also working on making the iPhone 13 feature an in-display fingerprint sensor

The iPhone 13 might also have up to a 1 Terabyte storage but if incase it gets available will only be featured on the 13pro and 13 pro max

There you have it , what spec do you look forward to? Do you plan on getting an iPhone 13 once it’s released or you are part of the “I can’t come and kill myself” gang


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